Welcome to the "Resources for the Disabled" website. We hope you find your visit both informative and interesting. The site is updated daily with new information concerning a wide variety of disabling medical conditions - be sure to check back often. Within the site, you will find:

Latest Research News

The latest research news, covering a wide range of disabilities, is collected daily from a variety of recognized universities and research institutions from around the world, and then re-published here. All news articles are categorized by disabling medical condition for ease of access. Keyword tags are also included with each article to help identify and link articles sharing common subject matter.

News Sources

The "News Sources" section contains an alphabetized list of all universities and research institutions that news articles  have been re-published from. If an article is published on our site, every attempt is made, within reason, to include a link back to the original source. If this is not possible at the time of publication, a link is included back to the secondary source. All linked sources are included in the "News Sources" section.


Journals contain the primary source material for research news articles and are usually referenced within each news article itself. In this section, Journals are listed alphabetically and can be accessed by way of the section menu or on the Introduction page, according to their associated categorized medical condition. All Journal listings include brief descriptions about them, links to their home page, public access links and a list of associated categorized medical conditions.

Glossary of Terms

The terms within the glossary are derived from the keyword tags mentioned above. No links to original sources are provided with the definition of terms because the definitions are gleaned from a variety of recognized medical websites.

Medical Conditions

The second section of the site is focused on disabling medical conditions, their causes, their symptomatology and presently available treatment for them. Whenever possible, images and videos are included to further enhance the readers understanding of any of the conditions.

Also included are links to brokers of services and resources, research institutes, research funding entities and medical care facilities. These resources are listed according to their location and the community they serve. Locations are divided into four areas: Global (Multinational), National (Confined to a single country), Regional (Single state/province/district with a country), and City/Town (includes community based organizations).

Community Bulletin Boards

The third and final section of the site is the community bulletin boards. Anyone can browse and read the contents of the forums, but only members are permitted to participate in forum discussions. Membership is free of charge and open to anyone who wishes to join. In addition to reading and posting content, membership also includes personal blogs, personal photogalleries, community pages, and the opportunity to join and participate in community groups.